stop fluid & lost circulation issues

stresshield™, sunseal™ & sunblock™


The loss of drilling fluid at any level can be problematic and generate NPT (non productive time) issues that result in time delays, cost overruns and loss of production.  SUN's trio of products provide you with the tools to address seepage loss with StresShieldTM; moderate losses with SunSealTM; and total losses with SunBlockTM.


StresShield™ uses a custom blend of organic and recycled synthetic particles, engineered within a precise PSD range that delivers optimum well bore strengthening characteristics while minimizing fluid invasion into micro-fractures and permeable formations.  The result is a stronger more stable well bore with little or no loss of fluid. The synthetic particles give StresShield™ a high-strength capacity with minimal degradation. The strengthening aspect continues long after the fracture is sealed and drilling has resumed. StresShield™is treated with a triglyceride graphite solution to make it compatible in all fluids.

SunSeal™ is a proprietary blend containing environmentally sustainable materials, including processed organic fibers, graded post-consumer recycled materials, high strength, sized and flake synthetic particles and spherical bridging agents.  SunSeal™ lost circulation additive is a superior bridging material to treat and control lost circulation. SunSeal™ can be applied in pills, sweeps and as a background LCM for continuous fluid loss reduction.  It can also be used in conjunction with other fluid loss control additives.  The diverse particle technology ensures the optimum range of coverage for the best chance of success in difficult formations.   SunSeal™ is composed of synthetic particles that resist degradation as well as provide a lubricating effect in the well-bore.

SunBlock™ is a proprietary blend that creates a high solids, high fluid loss squeeze pill that is designed for medium to major lost circulation occurrences.  SunBlock™ is activated by differential pressure, thus eliminating any dependency on time, temperature, or chemical reactions. The unique fiber matrix of SunBlock™, when blended with your mud system’s base fluid, creates an internal bond minimizing washout of the SunBlock™ squeeze bond once drilling resumes.  SunBlock™ reduces NPT (nonproductive time) that can be encountered with cement or cross-linked squeeze procedures.

Each loss of fluid and lost circulation is unique. Contact SUN to speak with a product specialist.



To order StresShieldTM, SunSealTM, or SunBlockTMor for more information, call 713-690-3939 or e-mail us.


For more information, call 713-690-3939 or e-mail us.